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Financial targets

The Board of Directors have adopted the financial targets below.

Organic growth of 4–5%

To grow by 4-5% organically each year over a business cycle. The growth rate may vary between years depending on changes in the contract portfolio. Over and above organic growth, Coor also intends to grow through acquisitions, which can be motivated by the need to reinforce competence or to achieve a more rapid expansion within a geographic area or service/customer category.

Adjusted EBITA margin of ~5.5%

To achieve an adjusted EBITA margin of around 5.5% for the medium term.

Cash conversion >90%

To achieve a yearly cash generation of over 90% for the medium term.

Capital structure <3.0

Maintain interest-bearing net debt of less than 3 times adjusted EBITDA (last 12 months) in the medium term.

Dividend policy ~50%

Approximately 50% of Coors net profit for the period, before amortizations on client contracts, shall be paid in dividends or in other forms of repatriation of capital to its shareholders.