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你对服务也有热情吗? 那我们希望你能来库尔.


激情的人. 对服务的热情.

Over 10,000 people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and job titles work here. But we all have certain things in common—we’re happiest when we’re working together, we like to grow and we love to provide that little something special.

bet5365亚洲版的员工是我们最重要的资产, 对我们来说,提供一个愉快的, 安全的工bet5365亚洲版环境和良好的工bet5365亚洲版条件, 良好的领导能力和大量的晋升机会. Our aim is to make our employees feel that you’re not just your job title, you’re much, much more.





“As a hostess, I’m involved in everything and in charge of both the social and practical sides. I greet visitors and make sure everything always looks nice in our office – our conference rooms, 休息室和厨房. 我订购货物,接听电话和电子邮件,并对邮件进行分类. 打发时间不是问题.”


“我喜欢的东西有很多! I like helping the people in the building, both the visitors and the employees. Another thing that I really like is that there are so many of us working here, 所以通常会有很多事情发生. 我每天都盼着来上班!”


“因为我们的游客少了, my colleague and I have found time to deal with things that we normally struggle to find time for. We’ve also put a lot of work into preventing the spread of infection at the office and have helped those who work from home to gain access to equipment. Our aim has been to provide the best possible service, but in a different way.”

我是一个亲力亲为的人,我想和人们一起工bet5365亚洲版. 这就是我一开始当厨师的原因. 对我来说最重要的是提供一流的服务, 要做到这一点,我需要了解客户的需求.

In my job as a sous-chef I’m the restaurant manager’s right-hand man. 我做了很多计划, 我告诉员工该怎么做, 订购用品和管理bet5365亚洲版工bet5365亚洲版. 我喜欢工bet5365亚洲版的多样性和责任感.

在bet5365亚洲版,没有‘我们总是这样做’的心态. 这里有一种真正的驱动力, 如果有人想出了一个好主意, 他们不必为了付诸行动而与管理层斗争. I’ve worked here for three years now, and we’ve developed the restaurant a lot during that time.

We change the menu every week and we’re always experimenting with new ideas. 我们富有创意的厨师长每年都会来几次. He keeps us updated on the latest trends in the business and helps us come up with new ideas. 我们也努力减少食物浪费, and we have several solutions we use to reduce our environmental impact.

这种乐观和成长的机会对我来说很重要, 但是这份工bet5365亚洲版我最喜欢的是我的同事. That’s the best thing about bet5365亚洲版, that they take such social responsibility for their employees. 餐厅里有15个人,我们做什么都在一起. 这样总是能得到最好的结果.




“I make sure everything is nice and clean everywhere, in the wards, staff rooms and offices. 对我来说, good service is about putting 110 per cent into what I am doing so that both the customers and the patients are happy.”


“我们只在必要时才使用一次性材料. 我们的清洁工bet5365亚洲版几乎完全不使用化学品.”


“我对自己在bet5365亚洲版的工bet5365亚洲版非常满意. bet5365亚洲版是一个让一切井井有条的雇主. 和我以前工bet5365亚洲版的地方相比, my current job is more challenging and I learn new things every day. I also meet lots and lots of people, both health workers and patients. 我喜欢这样,还在工bet5365亚洲版中交了新朋友.”


“I was given PPE (Personal protective equipment) and instructions so that I know how to behave in order to avoid the risk of getting infected or of infecting others. You just need to be careful and wash and disinfect your hands frequently; I’m not worried.”

bet5365亚洲版为一名暖通和管道技术员,解决问题是我的工bet5365亚洲版. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a stopped-up toilet or a broken radiator. I’ve worked for the private sector before, but I wanted to do more—to be part of something bigger.

There’s a lot of pressure here; it’s crucial that nothing goes wrong. 大楼的所有水和暖气必须一直工bet5365亚洲版. 但我喜欢,我喜欢有很多责任. 我已经习惯了想出解决办法. 别无他法,第一次就得选对. 但我们都在帮忙. 你off不孤单,这会让你感到安慰. 

在我之前的许多工bet5365亚洲版场所, I’ve noticed that things stop evolving after a while and every day is just like the last. That’s why the company has to keep developing, or else you stop growing as an individual. I want a supervisor who challenges me, and my boss at bet5365亚洲版 does that. I don’t want to just sit and have coffee breaks, I want to really work.

对我来说,老板是工bet5365亚洲版中最好的部分. 他敢于跳出框框,让我们尝试新事物, 同时了解我们的工bet5365亚洲版及其局限性. 他是公平的,让我们bet5365亚洲版为个人和同事成长. 而且和他在一起也不只是工bet5365亚洲版. He pays attention to our feelings and asks me how I view the future, what I want to do after this. 他在乎,真的.

当我还小的时候,我突然病得很重. 我们赶到医院时,我已经半瘫痪了, and they admitted me right away for Lyme disease that had spread to my nervous system. 我住院了三个月.

Now I’m back in a hospital environment, but not as a patient—I work here. I applied to work at bet5365亚洲版 at Nya Karolinska Solna, because I wanted a job that makes a difference. Once I got here, I was attracted by the technology and the visions, the hospital has a 40-year plan. 我们还有很长的发展时期. 

I work with logistics, which means that I take care of the robots that do all the transportation. 医院占地面积34万平方米,手推车重115公斤. Soon we’ll be able to manage 1,600 transports a day here—we could never do that without robots.

When people hear that I work with robots, they always ask if I’m an engineer. 但在我开始在这里工bet5365亚洲版之前,我对机器人一无所知. 我都是在工bet5365亚洲版中学会的. 这就是bet5365亚洲版的情况. 你是谁或者你的背景都不重要, 只要你今天能有所贡献. 你有各种各样的机会.

All of us who work at bet5365亚洲版 have a special energy we want to spread; we’re very positive people. There’s something about the hospital environment—even if you’re having a bad day, 你知道有些病人的问题更严重, 想到这让我觉得更谦卑. 在这里让我成为更好的人.